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Gardens Fall To Deer Damage

Sep 4th 2019

Summer is the worst season for deer damage, as homegrown fruits and vegetables are abundant on lawns and gardens; but fall is no better. In fact, deer are even more persistent in the fall season to eat from home gardens because they know that with cooler temperatures comes the close of the gardening year for many growers. This means that deer will soon only eat fallen leaves and twigs instead of the sweet taste of fruit and veggies. 

In the fall, deer will browse gardens in the early morning and late evening hours to avoid being seen by homeowners. They will eat as much as they can of the late summer crops including an array of leafy greens, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. To protect vegetable gardens this fall, gardeners will need to act quickly on deer management strategies including deer fence installation and tree protection. 

Deer Fencing

There are many fence types on the market to rid deer from gardens, but the best fence are made from plastic or metal. Plastic fences are generally used by growers that wish to use the fence for temporary or seasonal use; however, it can also be used for light to moderate deer pressure. While poly fence is lightweight, it is extremely durable and has a breaking strength ranging from 650-1400 pounds! Metal fencing is better suited for dealing with heavy deer pressure and chewing animals. Metal fencing is coated in PVC as a secondary layer of protection and lasts up to 30 years. 

Tree Protection

Bucks would like to shed the dried velvet on their antlers that they obtained in the summertime. The heavy velvet is unsightly, uncomfortable and itchy. To rid the velvet, and make themselves look more presentable to lady doe, bucks will rub their antlers against trees, causing damage to tree bark. This action is known as "deer rutting," or the "rut season" which begins in September. To protect trees, growers will need to use tree wraps to block damage from male deer.


Deer damage is a year-long problem with year-round headaches for gardeners. Not only are they destroying gardens; but deer continue to drop ticks in the grass, causing health concerns for people, pets and other wildlife. The close of the summer season brings new concerns for the start of the fall season. Act accordingly to protect gardens from deer damage with these fall gardening tips. 

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