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Rodent Barrier Fence

Rodent Barrier Fence


Our chew-proof rodent control fence for sale keep rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs and other small garden critters from finding their way into your garden.

"I added this fencing to a decorative fence on the perimeter of my yard to stop rabbits and groundhogs from destroying my flower garden. I laid 12 inches of the fence on the ground to prevent burrowing, and put the remains 2 feet of fence against my decorative fence (attached with zip ties). From a few feet away this black fencing is almost invisible. And most importantly, not a bunny in sight!" Hayley S. 

Bunnies and squirrels may look cute; but they are destructive garden critters that will stop at nothing to go after fruits and veggies. During Spring, gardeners will see a rise in rabbit damage due to it being rabbit breeding season from March through late summer (see a list of rabbit resistance plants). During Fall, homeowners will see squirrels and groundhogs eating cool-weather crops including carrots, watermelon, apples, squash and corn. And, if you think groundhogs can't climb...think again. Even armadillos will try to go after organic crops! Without acting on rodent protection in the garden, you can kiss your vegetable garden goodbye. 

Deerbusters critter and rabbit proof fence make a great compliment to our poly deer fence in preventing small animals from chewing through the poly mesh and into your garden. Made of 14 gauge PVC-coated steel, our welded wire fence for rodent control is welded together to give the fence material an extremely strong build. We also have a black vinyl coated 20 gauge 1" galvanized steel hex fence, this virtually invisible rodent wire mesh is well suited to a variety of applications and again makes a great compliment to our poly fence, or try using it around individual plants or trees to keep the critters from getting in. We suggest burying the fencing at least 6 inches deep and angle it outward to prevent tunneling under the fence.

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