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Dog Fence Kits

Having a visible barrier around your yard helps dogs understand their boundaries.


Dog fencing is a good idea to have for homeowners that bring home a new pet and are trying to teach them their way around the premises. Additionally, a yard fence will protect companion animals from wildlife encounters - a common occurrence that can lead to pet injury. 

Dog fences are available in both plastic and PVC-coated steel. Our dog fences are an alternative solution to unsightly chain-link fences on properties and in-ground wireless dog fences that are considered inhumane. Deerbusters has kits as well as dog fence ideas to create a secure customized dog fence system. These DIY dog fence kits are ideal for pet owners who are new to installing a fence and want to use it for dog training and/or security. For smaller, calmer dogs that will not challenge the fence, we suggest installing a plastic fence - but be warned, plastic fencing is not chew-resistant. For a stronger, more durable fence, consider our PVC-coated welded wire. Fencing dogs in has never been so easy!

Please note: Deerbusters only offers humane solutions to pet enclosures. We do not offer invisible dog fence, electric fence or shock collars.

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