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Electric Wire

There are many types of electric wire; and the type of electrified wire chosen depends on the animals that property owners are trying to secure in or keep out of lawns and gardens.

cows-1029077-1920.jpgPoly wire is the most economic type of electrified wire. Not only is it cost-effective but it is lightweight and easy to handle. Cattle owners use poly wire to secure their cattle, even sheep and goats. Gardeners, and even bee keepers, chose poly wire as a bear deterrence, as well. It will last 10 years outside with basic maintenance. 

Poly Rope is highly visible making it a great choice for cattle and horse management on pastures. The braided electric rope is stronger than poly wire and lasts 10-20 years longer. This type of electric fence wire is used in high wind areas and is rust-proof. 

Poly Tape is known for its white ribbon-like components and is used to stand out to horses, deer goats and other livestock animals. This type of electric wire is used in areas with high levels of brown and green landscapes. It is best used to manage horses and deer. Poly Tape does not rust; but it only lasts 5-7 years outside. 

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