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Response To Germany's Dog Ordinance

Aug 21st 2020

NPR released an article yesterday on Germany's potential ordinance that would order dog owners to exercise dogs twice a day, getting them outside more; and that got us thinking: Maybe Germany has the … read more

Do Deer Eat Cannabis Plants?

Aug 19th 2020

Deer are creatures of habit; and when they want to eat, they will continue to return to the same home-grown spots where they know they can indulge on plants. In the spring and summer months when food … read more

How High Do Deer Jump?

Aug 17th 2020

White-tailed deer are very graceful animals and will do just about anything to reach plants in organic gardens. Deer can jump high; but just how high is up for debate. Some individuals claim that deer … read more

August Begins Bird Migration Season

Aug 14th 2020

August marks the beginning of fall migration for birds when they begin flocking, or gathering in groups. This month, they will travel throughout the country in search of food and warmer climates and c … read more

Holding Down Deer Fence

Aug 12th 2020

Deer will do just about anything to reach flowerbeds and organic crops from home gardens. When it comes to deer movement, whitetails will not attempt a jump first. Instead, they will try to sneak unde … read more

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