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About Us

DeerBustersCanada provides high quality poly and metal garden fencing for residential and commercial landscape use at affordable prices. Although we entered the Canadian market in 2016, our roots trace back to North America over 30 years through!

DeerBusters, located in Waynesboro, PA, is the industry leader in deer management strategies for the U.S. territory. Deerbusters and DeerbustersCanada has a proven track record of keeping out deer and rodents from lawns and gardens since 1984.

The biggest advantage of our diy fence projects lay in the ease of installation for homeowners. Our trusted fencing for deer control were designed for the average homeowner to build without the need for costly professional installers. deer fencing is designed to be virtually invisible, so they can be built around a garden or home without spoiling your view (unlike unsightly chain-link fences.)

We are available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have about the yard fencing. Call us today to find the fence that matches your needs and obtain a price quote.

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