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HEXA-GONE™ Steel Deer Fence

Deerbusters' best selling metal deer fence just got even better (and longer lasting)!


s1030028.jpgHEXA-GONE™ is THE original PVC Coated Steel Hex Wire. Manufactured using the original specs featuring a higher carbon amount making the wire harder and increasing the strength compared to other hex products. When you need the strongest and most reliable steel hex fence on the market, make sure to choose HEXA-GONE™. Designed to be virtually invisible from as close as 20 feet while providing over 1250+ pounds of breaking strength, HEXA-GONE™ is the strongest fence by weight available.

HEXA-GONE™ Steel Hex Web Fence is recommended for land owners dealing with chewing animals including rabbits, coyotes, groundhogs and deer. 

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