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Plastic Deer Fence Kits

Plastic Fence Kits include everything needed to install a basic polypropylene fence enclosure for deer management - Deerbusters bestselling fence kit!


poly-kit1.pngA plastic deer fence kit is lightweight, easy-to-install and is the perfect fence starter kit for gardeners and for smaller areas with deer pressure.  Our plastic deer fence kits are our bestselling fence kits. These kits include no dig line posts, lightweight polypropylene material which installs easily and creates a barrier against deer which is nearly invisible from as little as 20 feet, drive cap (used for the ground sleeves), self-locking ties, kinked ground stakes, and warning banners (which warn animals and people that there is a fence in place).

Learn what other parts you may need to turn your basic garden enclosure into a complete deer fence system. A must-read for anyone who has never installed a fence!



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