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Building a Fence: Beginning A DIY Project

DeerbustersCanada deer fence for deer and pest management were designed with the homeowner in mind. Our easy to install deer fences can be assembled in just one weekend, with or without the help of a friend. No need to call an expensive professional installer to do the handy work! We have print-out instructions readily available to help guide you through the fence installation process; and of course, we are only a phone call away.

Determining the right deer fence for lawn and gardens depends on numerous factors including the type of land soil and rate of activity in deer and pests.

Poly Deer Fence

Our plastic deer fence kits and rolls are lightweight but extremely durable with breaking strengths ranging from 650lb/sq.ft. to 1,400 lb/sq.ft. This type of landscape fence has a life expectancy of at least 20 years.

There are two brands of polypropylene deer fencing: Trident deer fencing and TENAX deer fencing. Featuring thicker strands that will resist the stretching and sagging that may occur with time in similar fences, The UltraMax elk fence to control elk damage on landscapes has a breaking load of 1400 pounds and a life expectancy of at least 30 years.

Trident Deer Poly Deer Fences have been trusted to protect lawns, gardens and farms for over a decade. These plastic garden fences are attractive to those looking for an alternative fencing solution because they’re made of semi-rounded strands, making them lightweight, durable and nearly invisible. The flexibility of this material makes the fences easy to store, install and repair. Moreover, Trident Poly Deer Fence are reinforced at the bottom with tightly woven mesh to help hold down the fence with ground stakes, keeping browsing deer from digging underneath the garden fence. Whether you want to enclose a small vegetable garden, or a sprawling orchard, you will be able to find the Trident Fence that bests suits your needs.

TENAX has been producing plastic materials for over 50 years and is the largest manufacturer of plastic fencing in the United States. The advantages of TENAX Poly Deer Fence lie within the thick, rounded strands of mesh that are fused together during the manufacturing process. These cylindrical strands are extremely tough, and are more invisible than flat or semi-rounded strands. The strength of the material reduces the likeliness of stretching and sagging, and the rounded shape of the strands allows wind to pass right through, minimizing the risk damage from the weather.

Elk Fencing and Large Animals: Elk and large animal fencing is the best fence type for homeowners experiencing elk damage in gardens. TENAX elk fence for gardens is made from a durable poly material that has a certified breaking load of 1400 pounds and a life expectancy of 30 years.

Here's a breakdown of what fence installers need in order to create ultimate garden protection.

Please note: Poly Deer Fence Rolls (and metal deer fence rolls) will not come with the gates, tensioning systems and corner and end systems.

Metal Deer Fence

Deerbusters Canada offers three different metal deer fence options: Steel Hex Web Fence, Welded Wire Deer Fence, and Fixed Knot Deer Fence.Metal deer fences are chew-proof, weather-proof, and will not rip or tear. Metal Deer Fences are a reliable option, and offer a simple barrier around your property that won’t be harmful to people, deer, or other animals. The fences are also designed to be non-obstructive, so you won’t have to worry about them blocking any views, or becoming an eye-sore.These fences are designed to last between 20-30 years!

Steel Hex Web Deer Fencing: Steel hex fences are recommended for use around a garden or flowerbed to stop damage caused by chewing animals such as deer, rabbits, groundhogs and even coyotes. This type of steel fence is coated in PVC to prevent chew marks to the metal material and allows the rodent barrier fence to be both weather-resistant and environmentally safe.

Rodent fencing is easily attached to our poly fence with our hog rings and self-locking ties. DeerbustersCanada recommends that you use rodent fencing with your poly fence if you are experiencing high deer pressure or significant chewing from small animals.

Welded Wire Deer Fencing: Welded Wire fencing are ideal for protecting gardens, orchards, farms and landscaping. You can even put it up around your pool as it meets pool code! Made from galvanized steel, this type of fencing is rust-resistant, weather-resistant and sturdy, making it a great investment for any property. Welded wire fencing by Deerbusters is a professional solution to deer problems and other chewing critters. This wire fencing combines both virtual invisibility with the benefits of chew proof steel.

We hope that we have answered your questions to the fullest and; you are now ready to begin building an attractive deer fence with the help from If you have any questions, contact us at 888-594-0602. Of course, you can always email a DeerbustersCanada representative for further information:

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