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Metal Deer Fence

Why Buy Metal Deer Fence?

Homeowners that are seeing coyotes, wolves, foxes, rabbits and gophers on their properties should consider installing a steel fence for landscape protection.

Because these wild animals are all chewers, it is not recommended to use a plastic fence that they can cut through with their teeth. Instead, a metal fence for wildlife deterrence will block chewing, and digging, attempts into a gardening area.

Livestock farmers securing chickens choose to use metal fence with PVC-coating to deter coyotes from harming the flock. And, gardeners with high amounts of deer and small garden nuisances will want to use the Steel Hex Web or Welded Wire Fence.

Steel Hex Web is a popular choice for deer management and critter control in gardens. Best known for its virtual invisibility, Steel Hex Fence is PVC-coating to protect the steel material from chew marks and will last at least 20 years outside in all climates.

For a more stylish, decorative fence, choose Welded Wire. This type of metal fence comes in various sizes and dimensions to allow the homeowner to decide which style is best for their needs and landscapes.

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