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14 Gauge Welded Wire Before PVC Coating

Deerbusters 14 gauge welded wire deer fence serves as both a reliable deer and rodent barrier on lawns and gardens and a swimming pool fence. 14 gauge weld wire fence is made from galvanized steel and coated in PVC to create a finished 12 gauge steel fence for deer management. Home growers choose welded wire fence to protect organic gardens against chewing animals such as deer, coyotes, wolves and even small critters. 

Welded Wire Fence rolls are available in various heights and mesh dimensions to satisfy the needs of each unique landscape. This type of metal deer fence may also be used around swimming pools as it meets pool codes.

Note: Most state codes dictate that if you have a swimming pool, then you must have a fence surrounding the swim area. As requirements may vary, it is important that you check with your local pool and building codes to determine what does and does not constitute valid swimming pool fences in your area before installation of a welded wire fence. 


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