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Enclosed Garden Fence Kits

DeerBusters completely enclosed Garden Fence Kits with tops are designed to protect fruit and vegetable gardens from deer and bird damage.

DeerBusters offers fully enclosed kits in both plastic and metal fence materials based on deer pressure. The top reinforces bird control and will stop other wild animals from indulging on your fruits and veggies. For homeowners with light deer pressure and no issues with chewing or digging rodents, it's best to choose the plastic garden fence kit. For rabbit control, protect your crops with our steel hex fence kit with top. This type of metal fence appears virtually invisible from a distance and is made from our bestselling metal fence mesh in a 20 gauge galvanized steel with PVC coating. Welded Wire is aesthetically pleasing for the gardener that wishes to combine class with style.

Garden Fence Kits come with all fence parts needed to complete the DIY project. Fence gates for the these garden fence enclosure kits can be added for an additional fee.


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