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Fall Gardening Tasks

Sep 23rd 2019

Today, September 23, 2019, is the first day of autumn; and it's time to focus on another new strategy to protect lawns and gardens from wildlife damage. This season is all about garden management with an emphasis on trees and vegetable garden care. Here's why.

Bucks are looking to shed the dried velvet from their antlers that they accumulated in the summertime. The antlers become quite heavy and uncomfortable; and so, they will seek trees to rub against. To protect trees, gardeners will want to wrap tree guards around the base of trees. 

Growers will also want to keep fallen tree branches, logs and leaves away from homes to avoid ticks from reaching inside houses. Ticks with Lyme Disease remain a concern throughout the fall season; and gardeners will want to keep watch on all types of ticks after performing gardening tasks. Growers should keep a tick removal tool with them when outside to easily remove ticks from skin. 

Lastly, deer, bears and other wildlife will try to eat up as much as they can from home gardens before the winter season when natural resources will become scarce. To protect gardens, gardeners should consider installing deer fencing around food plots. 

Fall is a great time of year to plant cool weather crops. Be sure to protect growing sites as best you can from wildlife this season with the above fall gardening tips. 

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