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Attach Fence Mesh To Wooden Posts

Jul 30th 2020

Some growers may prefer using wooden posts as their fence post of choice on farms and gardens; but they may run into the question "How do I attach deer fence mesh to a wooden post?" Don't sweat it. It's easy to attach deer fencing to wooden fence posts. Here's what you'll need:

Aluminum Wire Clips with wood screws
. These heavy duty fence wire clips are 3/16" with a .28" hole diameter and easily attach fence wire mesh to wooden posts. The wire clips for wooden posts are made from aluminum to prevent rusting and unsightly streaks. Alternatively, 2" barbed staples can be used to secure fencing mesh to wooden posts. Simply hammer them into the wooden post. These staples are durable and can even be used on trees as an alternative to fence posts.

Either method is easy to do and can be used on wooden posts.

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